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- Hôtel Vinci Due -



The voltage in your room is 220V/50Hz. Adapters and transformers are available at the Front Desk. (9)


You can adjust the temperature in your room as required. Simply set the desired temperature using the control panel located right next to the door in your room. 


If you suffer from food allergies, please let the Front Desk know so that we can cater for your special needs at breakfast or if you require room service.
For a relaxing night sleep, two kinds of pillows and duvets are provided. You can choose either feather or fiber pillows.



May you need your children to be looked after for a few hours, a team of external, multilingual babysitters are at your service. The babysitters (men and women) are selected according to their experience and speaking the languages requested by the parents. The Front Desk is at your disposal if you have any special requirements regarding your babysitter and to book the service in advance.


A baby bed is available for children under the age of three: it can be set up before your arrival. If you make this request at time of booking, or ask the Front Desk (9). We can also provide comfortable sofa beds if you want your children over the age of three to sleep in your room.


If you would like to have a beauty treatment service in your room, we can arrange for an appointment with a make-up artist, a manicurist, a masseur or a hairdresser. Please contact the Front Desk for the desired service. (9)


Hôtel Vinci Due offers a variety of breakfast menus. Breakfast is served in the ground-floor lounge from 7 am to 11.30. To make sure you fully enjoy your stay, in complete privacy, breakfast can also be served in your room, during the same hours. This service is available every day at your convenience. 



In addition to the iPhone docking station in your room, a range of chargers is available for charging your mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, MP3/4 players and game consoles. Contact the Front Desk to specify the kind of charger you wish to borrow. (9)


If you would like to enjoy a bottle or a glass of Champagne in your room, please contact the Front Desk. (9) The Champagne, chilled to just the right temperature (8° to 11°, according to the particular vintage), will be brought to your room. 


Special in-room facilities are provided for children on request, either at time of booking or upon your arrival at the Front Desk. (9) Beds for children less than three years old, baby baths, bottle warmers, night lights, baby change mats or high-chairs are available.
If you would like your children to be looked after for a few hours, an external team of multilingual babysitters are at your service. Contact the Front Desk to book this service in advance (9).



Great care has been taken in every detail of your room’s exclusive decoration scheme. If you would like to know more about the decorative elements and fabrics used in your room, don’t hesitate to ask at the Front Desk: each has a history all its own. Accordingly, if any of these items were accidentally damaged, Hôtel Vinci Due would be obliged to add to your bill any costs incurred.


If you wish to leave your room later than the Midday check out time, please enquire the Front Desk, who will do their best to meet your requirements, according to room availability.


One of the hotel rooms is specially designed for guests with reduced mobility. Ask the Front Desk if you require a portable hearing loop, a wheelchair, a vibrating alarm clock, a remote control or a telephone with large buttons.


Contact the Front Desk if you need an emergency medical appointment. Our staff can also pick up your prescriptions from the chemist’s. Plasters and antiseptics are available for minor cuts and wounds. (9)


Small size dogs are allowed at Hotel Vinci Due. Ask the Front Desk for any items you require for your pet during your stay. (9)


Please let the Front Desk know if you do not wish to be disturbed, to prevent calls being put through to your room. You can also contact the Front Desk if you would prefer your room to be prepared at your convenience.



If you require an extra duvet for an even more comfortable night sleep, please contact the Front Desk. (9)


On arrival, please read the fire and safety instructions displayed in your room and in the hallways. We would advise you to locate the nearest emergency exit to your room.


If you would like to send flowers or simply enjoy the pleasure of receiving your own bouquet, contact the Front Desk to place your order. Vases are also available from the Front Desk.



In order to provide you with flawless service, your observations and remarks about Hôtel Vinci Due are of the utmost importance to us. You will find the survey in the box on your desk.



The Front Desk can arrange an appointment for a hairdresser to come to your room at your convenience. (9)


The bathroom is equipped with a hairdryer for guests’ use. To use the hairdryer, select the temperature and power settings, then press the silver button and keep it pressed. The red button is a safety cut-out switch.


Your room is equipped with a two-way air conditioning system. You can adjust the temperature as required, using the control panel located right next to the door in your room.


A chambermaid is in charge of taking care of your room. You can also request for her to prepare your room for the night (turn down service) in the evening. However, she will not enter your room if you hang the “Do not disturb” sign on your door. If you would like to specify a particular time for this service, please inform the Front Desk. (9) 
You can also contact the Front Desk for extra items, including: - Bath towels - Slippers - Duvets - Fibre or feather pillows - Hangers – Vases.



Free Internet access (Wifi) is available in every room and throughout the hotel.  


Ironing service is available at Hotel Vinci Due. To iron your clothes on your own, you can request an iron and ironing board to be taken up to your room around the clock. The Front Desk will arrange this service for you. (9)



If you are sharing a room, please ask the Front Desk to issue a keycard to each occupant. In addition to opening the door to your room, you can also use the keycard to switch on the power, when it is inserted into the switch just next to the door as you come into your room. The keycard should be removed from the switch when you leave the room. Please do not insert any objects other than the keycard, so as not to interfere with switch operation. 



A bag is provided for laundry service: you will find it in your walk-in wardrobe. Leave the bag with the completed slip at the bottom of your bed. Laundry left before 10am will be returned to you the same day before 7pm, except on Sundays and bank holidays. Please ask the Front Desk if your items require special care or treatment. (9)


We can take care of your luggage and keep it in our safety storage room. Please contact the Front Desk (9).



The minibar in your room offers a selection of mineral waters, non-alcoholic sparkling and still drinks, Champagne, red, white and rosé wines and beers. Consult the menu by the minibar for details. In addition to the minibar, if you would like any beverages or snacks not on the menu, you will find a selection of snacks by the courtesy box. Please contact the Front Desk. (9)



The whole interior of the Hôtel Vinci Due is no-smoking. This applies to all rooms and suites, the lobby and all indoor areas. We would ask you to comply with our smoke-free policy for everyone’s comfort and well-being. Guests who fail to adhere to this policy are reminded that smoking will set off both the smoke and fire alarms. Furthermore, if we notice the smell of tobacco in your room, Hôtel Vinci Due will be obliged to hire the services of an external company to clean and remove the smells from your room. The cost of this will be added to your bill for the amount of a € 350.00 flat fee.



Ask the Front Desk, if you need to make photocopies. (9)


Extra fiber or feather pillows can be provided. Tell the Front Desk which kind of pillow you require. (9)


The voltage in your room is 220V/50Hz. Adapters and transformers are available at the Front Desk. (9) In addition to the iPhone docking station in your room, a range of chargers are available.


Every morning, the hotel offers a personalised press review service, tailored to your needs, including news from the local press. Please inform the Front Desk of your requirements. (9)


If you have any documents that need to print out, simply e-mail the files to the following address or simply hand them to the Front Desk for printing. Your print-outs will be available for collection at the Front Desk or returned to your room in an envelope, as you wish. (9)



Your room has a safe to protect your valuables. It has internal lighting to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind. - To close the programmable electronic lock, press # and type in a four-digit code. Then close the safe door and confirm your four-digit code. - To open the safe, enter your code.
You will find full instructions on the safe door. 



Dial 9 to call the Front Desk
To make outgoing calls, dial 0, then: - 10-digit number (starting with 0) for mainland France - 00, plus the country code + local dialling code + the number for all international calls. To make a room-to-room call, dial the room number.


More than sixty stations and 30 international stations in different languages are available free of charge.



Ask the Front Desk for the latest weather forecast. An umbrella is provided in each room of the Hôtel Vinci Due rooms. Contact the Front Desk if you require an extra umbrella. If you are interested in acquiring this special umbrella model, it is also available for purchase at the Front Desk. (9)



If you require a wake-up call, please contact the Front Desk the day before to request the time you wish to be woken up. (9)


There is a free Wi-Fi access in every room and throughout the hotel.

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