- Hôtel Vinci Due -

Our commitments

At Hotel Vinci Due, we firmly believe in our responsibility to the environment and to future generations. We are determined to take concrete steps to reduce our ecological footprint while ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. Find out more about our commitment to sustainability:



Energy Consumption

We have implemented effective strategies to reduce our energy consumption. In our common areas, the heating and air-conditioning temperature range is maintained between 20 and 24 degrees, ensuring optimum comfort while minimizing our carbon footprint. Similarly, in the bedrooms, we maintain a temperature range between 19 and 24 degrees. In addition, we are proud to use 100% renewable and traceable energy, exclusively from European sources.



Water Conservation

Water conservation is a priority for us. To reduce our consumption, we change sheets and towels only at your request, thus helping to preserve this precious resource.



Sustainable Waste Management

We are committed to reducing our waste production and recycling. We extend this initiative to our bedrooms, ensuring sustainable waste management in all aspects of our business.



And Sustainable Purchasing

We actively communicate the importance of sustainability to our staff and partners. We also promote responsible purchasing, favoring environmentally-friendly products and suppliers.

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